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From Trial Plantations to Large-Scale

Following on from smaller Initial Trial plantings on our Trial Farm we have now begun planting a larger plantation consisting of various different Leptospermum plant species that all produce Medicinal Grade High Potency Manuka Honey. The plants are sourced from various Nurseries and are the result of years of fieldwork and research into locating the best genetic lines for Medicinal Honey Production. We currently have planted Pure and Hybrid versions of Leptospermum Scoparium, Polygalifolium, Liversidgeii, Whiteii, Junipernium as well as a diverse range of other Leptospermums that show potential for Manuka Farming applications, and will continue to plant more species that show potential for commercial plantations here on the Mid Coast of NSW. Our trial farm currently has over 6000 Highly Active Leptospermum planted and we aim to keep planting more species and furthering our development of planting techniques as we go.  During the process of planting the plants we have trialled various different land-preparation techniques to evaluate the effect on growth, planting ease, in an effort to evaluate the implications this has on project cost and also how this may affect maintenance techniques in the short (post-planting)and  long (ongoing annual maintenance) terms.

Stay tuned for updates on how they grow in the Trial Farm, initial results have been very promising and we already have had various Leptospermum bushes that have flowered prolifically, producing abundant flowers and attracting a plethora of wildlife that feed on them, we even have honeybees harvesting honey from them already.